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Welcome to Grey Circle Ltd

We at Grey Circle Ltd are proud to tell you about our Tattoo Machine Stand System called THE MANTLE TM

The Mantle Base and Cartridge System, designed to keep the work area tidy, cleaner and safer for the tattooist and their customers.

This design of Stand holds the tattooing machine by it's nozzle/tip keeping it and the needle clean and safe from dirt, dust and damage whilst in the rest position.

It also holds the tattooing machine in a way that allows the tattooist to pick their machine up in one swift movement ready to work.

The Mantle: Used by DAVID CORDEN & LAL HARDY . To read his testimony click here >>>
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Check out the editorial about THE MANTLE in TATTOO MASTER (issue 14) Out November 4th 2011
The opening to the editorial by David Perry. Click
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Available Mantle Cartridges :: 8mm Transusent Blue :: 9mm Translusent Purple
Our NEW Mantle Stainless Steel Inserts
To the left you can see our stainless steel Mantle inserts made to hold Cheyenne Hawk and T-Teck style tattoo machine tips. As you can see in the image to the left the stainless steel inserts push neatly into our 8mm Blue Mantle Cartridges tight enough to hold solid.

You can use this insert to hold just the tips when not in use, to keep them clean safe and stop them rolling round your work station, or, leave the working tip in the machine! The Mantle Rack will stand sturdy even with 4 machines standing in a Mantle-4. Normally tattooists use one cartridge style machine with multi tool tips, so only one machine is seen in a Mantle Rack while its not being used with the tip still attached.

Very clean, tidy and hygienic, a great system for any modern tattoo studio or conventions. These holders are fully autoclavable and reusable. The Blue Mantle Cartridges must still be disposed of in the correct way after use. New Blue 8mm Cartridges are to be used for every new customer when using these holders.

How to use The Mantle
When a Tattooist is ready to work on a customer, The Mantle will be loaded with new Mantle Cartridges ready to receive the tattoo machines needed for the job ahead. Meaning, the tattoo machine nozzles will now only touch the new customer and the new Mantle Cartridges if used correctly.

The Tattoo machines can be inserted and removed in and out of the Mantle Cartridges as and when needed, just wipe the nozzle before insertion to help prevent ink build up around the nozzle. Waste ink that drips from the nozzles whilst in the rest position will be caught in the Mantle Cartridges, helping to keep the work area cleaner. If the tattooist or the customer needs to take a break, it is advisable to dislocate any power cables from the tattooing machines located within The Mantle. This will avoid any chance of someone tugging the power cables and compromising the stability of the tattoo machines that are at rest within The Mantle.

The Mantle Base is stainless steel and can be autoclaved or cleaned with sterile wipes/cleaner, it can also be wrapped in cling-film if you prefer before inserting the Mantle Cartridges.

The Mantle Cartridge design at the moment suits most circular 8mm and 9mm nozzles, metal, or plastic disposable types. The 9mm Mantle Cartridges are to fit with Tatsoul Wrath disposable tips, translucent purple in colour. 8mm Mantle Cartridges are translucent blue and fit most standard size tips. We are working to provide Mantle cartridges to hold larger format nozzles, like wide format Magnum tips and needles.

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A few points of how THE MANTLE System can benefit the user and the customer:
  • The Mantle System keeps the tattooists tattooing machines neat and tidy on the work area, free from dirt, dust and any other floating debris.

  • Nozzles/tips and needles are protected from damage whilst in the rest position, allowing the customer or tattooist to take a break with the reassurance that the tattooing machines are safe and clean.

  • The tattooing machine sits in the Mantle Base and Cartridge System in such a manner that the tattooist can grab the machine grip in the working position. They can then remove the tattooing machine from The Mantle Cartridge and be ready to start tattooing, not having to adjust the tattooing machine by handling it too much, keeping the spread of contamination to a minimum. The Mantle is sturdy enough for the tattooist to clip their power lead to a tattoo machine before removing the machine from The Mantle, this can all be done with one hand.

  • The Tattoo Machines all hang in the same manner whilst in The Mantle System. The angle helps the insertion and removal of the tattooing machines from the cartridges.

  • The position of the tattooing machines in The Mantle System helps to cool them in an even manner after running hot. Allowing the tattooing machine coils to cool evenly.

  • You can move The Mantle System around fully loaded with your tattoo machines, as long as you hold it in the working plane, it's great for when you want to take your machines to your cleaning area all in one go! So... keep it level as you move it, if you tilt it to far your machines could fall out.

  • The Mantle System is great for Tattoo Conventions. If your a tattoo Artist that shows your skills at Tattoo Conventions, this system will help you create a tidy work station and your machines will look at their best whilst people are on-looking.

  • The Mantle System is designed to be easily maintained. The Mantle Cartridges are disposable and must only be used once per customer, never try to clean them. If a cartridge becomes dirty maybe through ink build up, then replace it for a new one. The Mantle Base can be autoclaved or cleaned with sterile wipes/cleaner. It can also be wrapped in cling-film before the Mantle Cartridges are inserted.
IMPORTANT please read: Grey Circle Ltd take no responsibility for the misuse of this Tattooing Machine Stand System.
It is at the users own risk if this system is misused and causes any injury to the user or their customers.
Thank you for reading this, GC Ltd.

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